Have you seen that movie 'Field Of Dreams' about the guy building a baseball field on his farm? The message he gets is ‘If you build it, they will come’? That may work in Hollywood, but in the real world, 'building it' is just not enough.

Successful businesses need to be very analytical about their sales and marketing strategies. You need to know who to target, why you are targeting them, what the best method of contacting them is, and how successful you are.

You can only do this through the correct management of some type of sales / marketing system. A good tool should be able to at least tell you the following:

  • Where your leads are coming from (are you spending money and time in the right ways)
  • Who your cystomers are (what is their profile, what do they buy, where do they live)
  • What your sales pipeline is (based on opportunity conversion rates, and current opportunities, how much am I likely to earn in the coming months)
  • How successful was the last markeitng campaign (how many people called because of that, and from those, how many bought something)

S&M Management (no, not what you think) is quite detailed. Please call us for more information about how we can help your business improve the top line.