How do you think you can have a good relationship with your IT provider when his greatest desire is to wake up in the morning hoping that something has gone wrong with your systems so that he can come in and save the day and then provide you with a big fat invoice?

That is the reality with a break-fix model. You are happy when the IT guy is not, and he is happy when you are not.
Managed Services is a whole new concept that puts you and your IT provider in sync. It is in everyone’s best interests for your hardware and network to be running smoothly. It’s a win-win. The IT provider prefers to spend his time working on preventative maintenance in a controlled way rather than receiving frantic calls from you and having to race out and fix things. You win because you save money on downtime as problems are noticed and corrected before they cause disruption.
Some of the key points are:
  • You don’t pay for hours, or call-outs – you pay per machine
  • Your annual IT service budget is better controlled
  • We remotely monitor your machines
  • We make sure your machines have the latest software and virus updates
  • We monitor your backups and make sure that they work (are you sure you can restore from your backups?)
  • We take ownership / responsibility for your network and are in the true sense a partner in your business.