ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS entered into a service agreement with Yuranga to do our IT management and services back in September 2009.

Michael from Yuranga has been committed to servicing our IT needs.  He has established procedures to help minimise down time due to computer issues and is timely in fixing any issues that may arise.  He has shown a willingness to work out of hours, which has helped contribute to our team’s efficiency.

Back in October2009 Yuranga assisted our office in moving.  Yuranga played a major part in this move.  They were in charge of setting up our new network and computer work stations.  This move was seamless and Michael was here to assist every step of the way.

We are pleased to have Yuranga as our IT specialists and would highly recommend them for IT management and services to other business.

Thank you Yuranga for your intelligent approach to IT and availability to assist in any job large or small.

Accounting Professionals


Many clients who come to us from other IT companies tell us that the old IT guys were good at first, but then over time, just seemed to lose interest. Basically they were not longer feeling the love. At Yuranga, we want to love you to death!

When it comes to IT, we think we are pretty good. We have some of the best techs around, and everyone must buy into our objective of helping to improve the bottom line of the business. We wont just sell you hardware if it is not necessary, but we also wont be afraid to tell you if something needs to be replaced.

Or talented team can help with everything from the smallest PC issue to the largest server install as well as architecture and network consulting.

So, are you feeling the love from your current supplier? If not, you need to give us a call.