Error: 0x0000FF undefined exception – Call your system administrator to understand what the hell this means. That’s us – on the phone, at your office, in the car – we support your business. 

Yuranga can offer your business a one number suits all issues service. If it is technology then we can sort it out. How do we do that?
Phone Support – did you know that we can actually connect to your computer and fix a problem without leaving our office and letting you stay in your chair (none of that standing around while the IT guy does black magic on your machine)
Workbench Support – a big problem with a machine? Drop it in to our office and we can fix it in our sophisticated tech lab and give you a call to come and get it. Or, if you prefer, we can come and get it, fix the machine and return it to you safe and sound.
OnSite Support – When absolutely necessary (or if you are feeling lonely), one of our experienced technicians will come to your office and make things right.