Show me the money!’ Ultimately it comes down to that doesn’t it. As much as we often try to kid ourselves we are in business to bring great products and services to the people, if we don’t make money in the process, it doesn’t last long.

Too many businesses are struggling through the overly manual and time consuming tasks of invoicing, accounts receivables and financial control. For a successful business, this should be the fun part!

How do you currently invoice your clients? How long does it take to actually do it? And how many days are lost because you “haven’t gotten around to it yet”? Not invoicing on time is a cashflow killer. The same applies for accounts receivalbles – how ofter do you let another week slip by because you are too busy or too embarrassed to chase that outstanding account?

Imagine if you had a system that could do the following:

  • Invoice clients at the press of a button
  • Invoice clients automatically
  • Automate email reminders when an account is due
  • Automate email followups when an account is overdue (with progressivly more stern emails)
  • Automate reminders for you to call clients with outstanding accounts more than x days
  • Allow clients to pay online
  • Allow clients to view their invoice and payment status online?
  • Integrate your invoicing and AR into your favourite financial management system (eg. MYOB or Quickbooks)


Implementing a good finance and AR system will improve your cashflow and reduce the overheads associated with your financial management – giving you more time to do what you do!